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"When you hear the words, you write them 
when you write the words you change lives."
~ Authoress Cherie Feemster

Cherie began to write children's books for the sole purpose

of bringing the joy back to reading for and to children, while

including the representation of Brown and Black characters.

The journey of an authoress has been one that has changed

Cherie's life to see the love for reading begin for some 

and be rejuvenated for others.  As an educator her number

one goal is to educator, empower and impact her students

and becoming an authoress presented another avenue for that

to take place. 

Please contact today for school bulk orders, we are excited

to bring diversity to schools one book at a time!

In the book Walking Down Phonics Lane Walking with Nature, Kamille is a young vibrant 5-year-old who loves to discover new things in new places. In this adventure, she takes a walk bringing her vivid imagination along with her to find letters of the alphabet everywhere she turns. She connects them with colorful illustrations of nature that she finds all around her. Kamille is excited to have you on this nature journey with her. Can she find all 26 letters of the alphabet all around her? Join her to find out and see where she may go next! This book is fun and perfect for children learning their alphabet!


A Walk Down Phonics Lane, A walk in the Zoo is the second book and story to A Walk Down Phonics Lane Walking in Nature. In this adventure Kamille a vibrant 5-year-old has taken her love for letters and the alphabet to one of the most amazing places, the zoo! On this adventure Kamille is joined by her friend Justin an energetic 8-year-old boy who is also inquisitive about learning, and excited to join Kamille!This book provides bright vibrant colors and illustrations engaging the reader starting on the first page. Readers will gain the understanding of letter recognition, letter knowledge and begin to identify initial sounds in words. This journey at the Phonics Zoo is sure to encourage you to begin your own journey of learning all around you!

Coloring activity book cover front.jpg

This book is designed for preschoolers through school age students (kids 2 to 7 years old). This kids’ activity book has sections of both fun and educational activities for learning the alphabet:

  1. Alphabet Writing Practice - Master the alphabet! Featuring alphabet upper and lower case, this section encourages children to trace letters then to master handwriting on their own

  2. Story Book Coloring Pages – Within the activity book, coloring pages of the book series A Walk Down Phonics Lane are included for kids to color.  These pages include characters and scenes from the book.

  3. Alphabet Coloring Letters - Another way to build associations between letters of the alphabet and words. This section has the letters of the alphabet along with objects corresponding to each letter -- all are blank to be colored in.

A Walk Down Phonics Lane Book Order Form  
To order bulk copies or author copies of the above books  please fill the order form out below with the correct information.  Once the order has been submitted communication will be sent to the email address submitted. Please be sure to specify your desired book(s) to order.
Thank you in advance for your order! 


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